I know that a LOT of people out there immediately associate a modest women in her Hijab or Niqab as limited, oppressed, subjugated and uneducated. Well, people who think that way ought to know that they are the ones who are limited, oppressed, subjugated and uneducated so much to the extent that they fail to realize that we Muslims women wear what we want and they have absolutely no right to question what we are doing out of love.

For those who live under the wrong impression that the Niqab limits my freedom, take my word on what freedom really is.  I don't have to enlighten anyone on the time and effort women make to beautify themselves. How many hours do women spend in front of the mirror, applying make-up, choosing the best dress, the best shoes, the best hair-do, the best hairpins, etc, etc, etc..? But for whom do they do all this..? Are they so insecure with the way they look, that they have to spend hours in front of the mirror beautifying themselves so they look appealing in the eyes of others..?

Well, I certainly don't. I'm perfectly secure with the way I am and when I go out with my Niqab, I don't have to spend hours before the mirror beautifying myself for people to see. 


I dress for myself. I'm free to dress the way I want. I am free to cover up. I am free to walk outside, knowing fully well that I don't have to impress people to make myself feel secure.

In other words, I am free. So much more free than all those Niqab haters can ever perceive. To them my Niqab might appear to oppress me, but they'll never understand how liberating it is for me and all those countless Niqabis out there.

You know why..? Because I don't dress for people or the world. I don't have to follow the latest fashion trends to be beautiful. I don't have to apply make-up to make myself beautiful. I don't have to spend hours before the mirror before going out just so I look presentable to the world.

I wear what I want, for myself and for pleasing Allah. Because only in doing so do am I free. I feel free. I know deep inside of me that I am free.

Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca Entri Saya

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